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Tug offers a range of services covering a wide spectrum of audio requirements. From bespoke music composition, to the cleaning up of sub standard audio recordings.

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Original Musical Composition

Tug will create original, bespoke music content for your project. Our versatile and open minded approach to composition has always held us in good stead, catering for many and varied styles of music for all types of media productions.

Sound Design & Foley

Tug offers a complete Foley and Sound Design service to enhance and enrich your film or video sound track, from simple sound spotting to rich multilayered sound environments.

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Audio Repair Shop & Sound Restoration

Since more projects are being shot and recorded by a one man operation to save costs, the importance of audio is often neglected or simply misunderstood. A return to the edit suite can reveal serious shortcomings.

We can remove intrusive and unwanted background noise from your location or indeed studio sound recording, from mobile phones, low frequency aircraft, mains hum or passing vehicles. We are able in most cases to restore your audio back to a broadcast standard.

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Voice over recording

We also have a voice over and ADR service available via our colleagues at PK studios in London.